Be part of our mission to give everybody in China the gift of a second language!


Online English teaching is about to go viral. Will you be an early adopter or late to the party?

Digital lessons are the future of ESL tuition, and the Chinese market for online teachers is expanding rapidly.

Join the growing number of ESL teachers who are taking control of their own working hours and teaching from home. At Labby we give opportunities to less experienced online teachers who are looking to gain a foothold in the exciting world of online teaching. Unlike many companies, we welcome ambitious people who haven’t yet qualified as an ESL teacher. If you are unqualified, we will help you to find a reasonably priced TEFL course, learn how to use the online teaching software, and prepare you for that all-important interview. Our training sessions will give you the skills you need to impress your interviewer and land that first online teaching position.

In addition, we always love to hear from qualified and experienced online teachers. We ensure that our qualified teachers can begin teaching higher-paid classes as soon as possible.

Be part of our mission to give everyone in China the gift of a second language!

What does an Online English Teacher do?

Online English teachers give the gift of a second language to their students. Not many things are as powerful as watching your student begin to master their new language. Not many teaching jobs offer you flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home. How many other jobs enable you to earn money by helping others to achieve their personal ambitions?

Why are so many experienced ESL teachers making the transition to online teaching? The answer to this question is simple: more flexibility, more control, more opportunities!

Benefits of online teaching: 
• Work from home 
• You won’t spend hours planning lessons 
• You won’t be snowed under with marking 
• You can do the job from anywhere — even when travelling the globe!

Why start your online teaching career with us? 
• Labby is beginner friendly: we like to give a chance to new online teachers and help them develop into skilled professionals.
• We will help you to find the right online teaching company for your needs. 
• We will give you advice about effective online teaching methods. 
• You can phone us 9am-6pm Monday-Friday for advice and guidance. 
• You will receive your pay monthly via bank transfer.

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Here at Labby Education we centre our service around our customers' ever changing needs, making good on our promise to deliver only phenomenal results for all our clients.

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